Audria Butler

Nutrition and Comp Prep weight planning

406 BarBelle, based in Bozeman, Montana was founded in 2017 by Audria Butler.  Coach Audy is a 42 year-old mom, athlete, and founder of 406 BarBelle and Bozeman Area Barbell Club.  Originally from Iowa she’s lived in the Bozeman area for nearly 10 years and is the proud mama of Olivia(6), and dog mom to Remi (4). 

Being active and helping others find success in their own wellness has always been part of Audy’s life.  Involved in athletics and interested in nutrition from an early age, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Promotion from the University of Iowa. 

Audy started lifting weights in high school but took a long break and picked it up again in 2015.  After doing her first competition in March of 2016, she fell in love with powerlifting.  Only ten competitions later, Audy became the 63kg M1 World Champion.  Other major competitive achievements include 2 World gold bench press medals in both the 63 and 72kg class,  World Silver and Gold Squat medals in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and National Masters Silver Medalist in 2018.  In addition she holds multiple Montana state records as well as the American Masters Squat record in the 63kg class.

Her involvement in powerlifting quickly evolved to coaching and, along with strength training, she found a passion for helping her athletes (and herself) in succeeding with the real x-factor for progress, nutrition.   Having done multiple weight cuts, massing phases, and body composition changes herself,  Audy has found a true joy for helping others identify their goals, navigate their relationship with food, and develop and execute plans to lead to long-term sustainable change.  Now in five states and three countries, 406 BarBelle leads individuals to find the best versions of themselves through sustainable habits, nutrition, and strength training.

Outside of powerlifting Audy enjoys golfing, cross-country skiing, microbrews, and traveling. 

Audria Butler @406Barbelle